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• Industrialization is a major objective of developing countries as a means for the attainment of higher levels of well-being of the people. The advancement of science and the development of technological base are essential conditions of industrial growth and the countries which keep up-to-date products and processes are able to compete in the international market. Unfortunately, Pakistani industry, particularly SMEs has relatively little exposure to international market and resultantly contributed little to the national economy.
• In Pakistan, there exist around 3.2 million SMEs, out of which less than 5% units, have got Certification Systems. However, unlike large enterprises in the formal sector, a small and medium enterprise is constrained by financial and other resources. This inherent characteristic of an SME makes it imperative that there should be a mechanism through which it may get support in business including technical up-gradation, marketing, financial and human resource training & development.
• One of the Pillars of the new Growth Framework “Pakistan Vision 2025” relates with development of a Competitive Knowledge Economy through Value Addition. National competitiveness refers to the ability to produce and deliver products and services effectively and profitably relative to competing countries.
• The need is to create space and offer incentives to the private sector so as to play a dominant role in the growth of national economy. This will enhance national competitiveness in terms of skill development, innovative technologies and penetration in international markets for economic uplift of the county.
• Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms, Government of Pakistan has declared year 2016 as the year of Productivity, Quality and Invention (PQI). To support PQI Initiatives, Ministry of Science & Technology has launched a programme “Certification Incentive Programme for SMEs under PQI Initiative 2025”.
• This programme has been launched to attract SMEs who may use professional services to solve their problems, which would invariably lead to better quality products, improved industrial productivity, high level of competitiveness and wider penetration of Pakistani products into the international market. This project will provide incentive to SMEs in the export based Manufacturing & Service Sector to acquire the Certification/ Accredited as relevant to their business areas.

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